Holy Jordan
Jordan Pilgrimage

We welcome you to Jordan to explore your spiritual roots in the Holy Land of Jordan, the birthplace of Christianity.

Through this initiative, the Jordan Pilgrimage Program strives to reconnect Christians around the world with their spiritual legacy in the Holy Land of Jordan, as well as the vibrant culture of interfaith harmony which exists here today.

For centuries, people of this land have joined together to live in a uniquely pluralistic society in a region rife with conflict. This natural coexistence shapes the character of Jordanian society, a pluralistic model of peace for communities around the world. Citizens of faith come together as neighbors, co-workers, and friends to continuously progress as one people.

While the history of the Holy Land originates in the past, the essence of tranquility and Light remains among people and places here today.
The spirit of the Holy Land exists not only in the past, but permeates time to enrich one’s own sacred present.

Seeing, breathing, and roaming the top of Mount Nebo allows one to experience Moses’ first vision of the Holy Land, a moment that continues to define mankind today.

Standing at the Bethany Beyond the Jordan recalls a moment that anointed  for  ne religion, Our Messiah, and a Prophet for another. Here at this spot, The Holy Trinity was proclaimed.

Transcend the dimension of time through visits to the Biblical sites of Medaba, Petra, Gedara, and many others to renew your divine faith.

The historical context of these faiths is given a tactile weight and texture in a beautifully harmonious scene in this turbulent world.

The Jordanian Pilgrimage Program also provides peoples of faith the chance to discover this exemplary model to foster peace in their own communities around the world.

Dear Pilgrim,

Jordan’s  geography of salvation is a living legacy, of which we are most proud,Where John the Baptist led a movement of baptism at Bethany, Beyond The Jordan 

From Jordan, where we embrace the Mu’ezzin’s call to prayer as much as the church bells,From the path between these sites of worship,We announce an invitation to JordanAll are welcome in the  oasis of the Middle East.

Let us welcome you on a journey through your history and faith.