Holy Jordan


The Feast of the Prophet Elijah
Monday, July 20, 2015

The Celebration of the Feast of the Prophet Elijah is to begin in Ajloun area, the birthplace of the prophet Elijah, building up to the Feast on the 20th. Pilgrims are encouraged to eat the local foods of the Ajloun community in this celebration of faith.


Tall Mar Elias, or Elijah’s hill,  includes the extensive architectural remains that are scattered across the summit of the hill that rises above Listib from the southeast.


Faithful Christians join together to commemorate Mar Elias at this celebration.  The celebration is comprised of religious services and evenings of religious and folk songs and performances in the refreshing summer nights of Elijah’s Hill.


For centuries, Elijah’s hill has been a locus for Christian and Jordanian life. We invite you to share the tactile experience of eating the fruits of this land, from the same soil that provided sustenance to Elijah before his ascension. Christians are encouraged to renew their faith by tasting the traditional crops of the local Ajloun community, including grapes and figs.